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How To Use This Guide

The guide serves as a repository of cannabis information in Pennsylvania. Here are a few tricks to using the guide.

Header Anchors

Next to every major heading you will see a green icon when overing over it. Clicking it adds the header's anchor to the url. Now you may easily link to that specific content in discussions outside this website.

Install the Guide on Your Phone

The PA Cannabis Guide is a progressive web application meaning it can likely be installed onto your smartphone.

How to Contribute

Most contributions are done through the Github repository. Follow our progress on the projects page.

We have also just launched a referral program so we can give back to those who help share us as a resource.

Edit existing pages

In order to contribute content you will need a Github account.

Navigate to our repository. Either watch or star or both to keep up to date with changes.

While browsing the guide, click "Help us improve this page!" link at the bottom of the page. You'll be brought to a page that is markdown editable.

Once finished, you may commit your changes as a new branch for review.

Submit Features, Issues, Service Requests

Below is a template you can use to submit issues to the projects Github repository.

    Github Issue Template
Url: <!-- Replace with full URL -->

Issue Type: 
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- bug
- feature
- service request

**TLDR Description:** 
<!-- Quick overview of the issue. Should sum up the task. Write below this line. -->

**Full Description:** 
<!-- The full task description if the TLDR doesn't adiquately cover the request. Write below this line.-->

Supporting the Guide

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