Grinders are designed to consistently grind and blend your flowers or herbs into consistent smaller bits. Some contain a pollen or kief catcher. These chambers build up with fine potent cannabis crystals that can be pressed into hash, used in cooking, or even vaporized.

Products range from standard 4 piece grinders, some with portable and discrete features, and others that are ornate or decorative.


After purchasing your aluminum grinder, grind a few crumbled pieces of paper. This knocks-off any loose metal shavings that could have clung on during the machining process.

Stash Box

A stash box is a place to keep all your cannabis equipment. Many are designed to prevent smells from wafting throughout the home and often they are lockable to keep others out. These examples come with grinders but not all do. Sometimes a wooden box will just suffice.

Stash Jar

A stash jar allows for smell proof storage of cannabis products. Some are small enough to fit into stash boxes while others replace the need for a stash box. Others are designed to be easily carried.



Most cartridge manufacturers make them for 5/10 threaded batteries.

Some specialty vaporizers provide a higher quality experience but require a specific cartridge type. These include:



You will occasionally need to clean your tools. Most vaporizers will include instructions and pipe cleaners as well as other specialized tools with your initial purchase. Glassware can be cleaned with with pipe cleaners and an alchol solution.

Grinder's Keif Catcher

After several uses of the grinder, keif will have built up in the pollen catcher to either be used or stored. Storage can be done with either a small container or the keif can be pressed into hash with a pollen press.

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