Mission Pennsylvania II

Opened June 7th, 2018


Main: 833-768-4357

Mission Statement

A commitment to excellence is rooted in our culture. Mission is powered by 4Front, one of the pioneers in state-legal cannabis operations. Since 2011, the 4Front team has helped dozens of partners successfully navigate complex regulatory waters and set up first-rate dispensary operations utilizing its proprietary management training programs and standard operating procedures drawn from best practices inside and outside the medical cannabis industry. 4Front-supported dispensaries and production facilities are consistently regarded as among the best in the industry. Consistent patient-focused operating protocols and an unwavering commitment to compliance create a patient experience in our facilities that is second to none, every time.

Mission is changing expectations in the cannabis industry by dispensary and cultivation facilities in an individualized, secure, and professional manner, all while maintaining a focus on giving back to the local community.

Mission is currently working hand-in-hand with local partners to serve patients in Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts—with more dispensaries on the way. It is committed to expanding access to medical cannabis to patients in need.



2733 W. Emmaus Avenue
Allentown, PA

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